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Top 10 Reasons for Being Pulled Over

The majority of the population doesn’t think twice about getting pulled over when grabbing their car keys for the daily commute to work or even a weekend getaway. Our thoughts are likely somewhere other than where a new speed trap is located, a new construction zone or if a seatbelt checkpoint is being managed up the road. While it is fair to not think of these situations, it is important to realize that getting pulled over will occur at some point in your life.

A recent publication in California (driving.ca) brought forth this topic—particularly focused on the summer months as traffic picks up from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It focuses on why so many travelers are being pulled over and how we can avoid the dreadful red and blue flashing lights.

  1. It seems as though this reason continues to be the number reason for drivers to be pulled over. Since roadways are consumed with drivers during the summer months, many drivers think they will go unnoticed. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as drivers who are traveling in unfamiliar locations tend to speed even more. Therefore, while you may be anxious to make it to your next destination, make sure you are still obeying the speed limit.
  1. STOP! So often when we are traveling we tend to take the back roads---thinking we can make it to our destination faster---don’t be fooled as this can get you into trouble. Even on what looks like a lonely dirt road or desolate area, stop signs have a purpose and that is to keep all drivers and passengers safe.
  1. Click-It or Ticket. This remains the third most violated offense on our roadways and many are still shocked when receiving a ticket. Whether you are traveling great lengths or not, be sure to reach for your seatbelt and ensure all passengers are buckled as well.
  1. Red Light. Too many travelers are running red lights and throwing caution to the wind when spotting a yellow light. Many drivers accelerate when seeing a yellow light, instead of stopping. This has become a nationwide problem and far too many lives have been lost.
  1. Distraction. Whether it is the Bluetooth, a text, Sirius radio or a carload full of friends----distraction equals trouble
  1. Failing to Yield. Any time emergency vehicles are responding to a situation on the road or trying to get to someone in need, it is vital for drivers to yield to those vehicles. During the 100 deadliest driving days there is an increase of emergency response vehicles and it does no good if you aren’t respecting their space.
  1. Aggressive Driving. Whether you are failing to yield, tailing someone to close or speeding in and out of other vehicles, the offense for this type of behavior can be harsh. Allow yourself more time while traveling and don’t ever let aggression get the best of you.
  1. Wide Load! For those drivers who are hauling items cross-country, please make sure that all items are secure! While you may think truck drivers can only be at fault---you are wrong. If you are carrying a wide load on top of your vehicle or something is sticking out of your trunk—an officer can easily pull you over if he/she doesn’t think it is safe for other drivers.
  1. Did you pay your traffic ticket? Parking ticket? Overpaid fines can put you on the radar—even if you are crossing state lines. Make sure you are clear from any unpaid fines—this not only makes officials happy, it clears you of any embarrassment.
  1. Is your driver’s license expired? Do you have your most up-to-date insurance cards? These are not odd questions as an increasing amount of drivers are operating vehicles with expired paperwork. These fines can be extremely steep so make sure you are current!!

Before any travel plans are made and finalized, be sure to recognize these topics discussed. The last thing you want to do is find yourself in a jam because you didn’t obey the law!! Drive safely and intelligently this summer!

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